Linda Henry (MA), CDSS Outreach Manager

SWROC Steering Committee

Annie Laskey (CA)
Erik Erhardt (NM)
Linda and Ron Nieman (AZ)
Nate Puffer (NM)

Program Committee

Jeff Spero (CA)
Lisa Bertelli (NM)
Nate Puffer (NM)

Valuable help contributed by

Erik Erhardt
FolkMADS board representative to CDSS, overseer/liason between Albuquerque and the steering committee, and website.

David Hadwiger
Sherilyn Urben

Erik Erhardt

Volunteer Coordinator
Deb Brunt

Meal arrangements
Sherilyn Urben

Donna Bauer

Evening Dance(s)
Erik Erhardt
Sherilyn Urben
David Hadwiger

Local Publicity
David Hadwiger

Miscellaneous (stage manager for tech support, projectors, cables, batteries, lost & found, putting up signs, etc.)
Nathaniel Puffer
Jenna S (David Hadwiger’s daughter)
Lauren S (David Hadwiger’s daughter)

New Mexico, Other
Danielle Boudreau
Lisa Bertelli

Frannie Marr
Michael Baird

Southwest Regional Organizers Conference, Sept 19-21, 2014, Albuquerque NM