What?  The Southwest Regional Organizer’s Conference (SWROC) convenes dance organizers from across the Southwesten and Western United States. The objective of this weekend event is to provide resources and opportunities for learning, sharing, renewal, and fun! This helps strengthen networks for sustaining dance organizers, who in turn sustain the organizations that put on the dances we love.

Who?  The conference is geared toward the running of English/American dance series, including contra, square, and English Country, family and community dances, and dance weekends and camps. For the purposes of this conference, a dance organizer is anyone who gives their time and energy to produce, promote, run, manage, or assist a local dance or dance organization – or anyone who might be willing to do any of the above, given proper encouragement!

How?  This weekend will provide plenty of time and space for conferees to…

  • participate in sessions focusing on specific pertinent topics
  • gain new skills and inspiration
  • find out about existing resources and help create new ones
  • talk shop and share stories with peers
  • dance, eat, have fun and rejuvenate
  • bring renewed energy and effective leadership back to local dances and the broader music and dance community.

Why?  There are many wonderful dance camps across the country where dancers, musicians, and callers can go to learn, share, and create. However, the people who make the dances happen (the managers, the organizers, the workerbees) seldom have the opportunity to come together. Dance groups face so many of the same issues, that it’s important for organizers to get together to share their insights, hopes, and problems. This conference is a chance to trade success stories, commiserate about challenges, and find new resources both within ourselves and our communities.

Southwest Regional Organizers Conference, Sept 19-21, 2014, Albuquerque NM