FRIDAY             Gather at University of New Mexico Student Union Building. Check-in opens at 5:30 pm.
6-7:45  Check-in and Dinner followed by Conference Kick-off
8-11      All-conference dance including squares, ECD, and contras (calling and music provided by SWROC participants)

SATURDAY     Doors open at 8:30 am for schmoozing and activity for early risers (optional)
9-9:30                 Welcome, announcements, etc
9:30-10:30       Session 1:  Vision: First Things First (all-conference) Panel:  Annie Laskey, Linda Henry, & Michael Barraclough
10:45-11:45    Session 2:

  • Organizing for Success: Crucial aspects of building a strong infrastructure for your dance – Leda Shapiro & Eric Black
  • Happy Volunteers: Finding, keeping, sustaining and using them effectively – Teri Rasmusson
  • Marketing 101: Finding and keeping the crowd you want – Michael Barraclough

12-1    LUNCH provided

1:30-2:30    Session 3:

  • Building Community: How to keep the dance going when the music stops- Jeff Spero & Doc Litchman
  • Cultivating New Talent: Ways to find and grow callers and musicians – Eric Black, Wendy Graham & Linda Henry
  • Marketing 102:Putting your knowledge to work – David Wiley

2:45-3:45    Session 4:

  • Managing Your Money: Setting budgets, tracking cash flow, producing reports and more – Leda Shapiro
  • Using Your Talent: Booking and working with callers, musicians, and sound techs – Jeff Spero & Eric Black
  • ATTRACTING YOUNGER DANCERS: Creating and maintaining a multigenerational dance – Karina Wilson & Laura Gorrin

4-5        Session 5: GENRES

  • Come Let’s Be Merry: Developing and nurturing English Country Dance – Annie Laskey & Karina Wilson
  • Barn Raising: Sustaining Square, Family, and Barn dances – T-Claw Crawford, Teri Rasmusson, & Doc Litchman
  • Unstraightening Contra: Community building throughGender-free dancing - Laura Gorrin & Yoyo Zhou
  • Crossing The Border: Connecting contra groups within each state and throughout the region- Wendy Graham

5-7      DINNER – We’ll all be dining out at local restaurants (suggestions provided)

7-11    All are invited to the 3rd Sat FolkMADS Contra Dance at the Albuquerque Square Dance Center (caller: Wendy Graham; music: ABQ Megaband)

SUNDAY        Doors open at 8:30 am for schmoozing and activity for early risers (optional)

9:30-10:30    Session 6:

  • Tech Tools: Technology can help organizations be more effective – Erik Erhardt & Ron Nieman
  • The Unwanted Element: Preventing issues from arising on the floor and dealing with them when they do – T-Claw Crawford & David Wiley
  • Money: How to get more! – Leda Shapiro

10:45-11:45    Session 7:

    • Can We Talk? Effective organization through meaningful interpersonal connection – Erik Erhardt
    • From Beginner to Advanced: How to keep everyone happy – Wendy Graham
    • Working on Weekends: Organizing your dance festivalLeda Shapiro

12-12:50    LUNCH provided

1-2       Bringing It All Home: Wrap-up and farewells


Southwest Regional Organizers Conference, Sept 19-21, 2014, Albuquerque NM