Nancy BarbourNancy Barbour (Monmouth Junction, NJ) currently lives in central NJ and is active in the local Princeton dance community. She first discovered the joy of folk dancing while living in Australia 25 years ago, and dance and music have been a focal point of her life ever since. She currently dances molly and rapper with Handsome Molly and Griggstown Lock, respectively, and has formerly danced Cotswold Morris, Northwest Morris, and rapper with 4 prior teams. Through the years she has danced with numerous social and performance dance groups in a variety of traditions ranging from Balkan to Scottish to contra, and has served the community through leadership of ritual teams, organizing family dances, and hosting sings. Her favorite week of the year is Ogontz family camp, which she and her family have attended for many years. Nancy and her husband have raised their children in the dance community and value the warm and caring environment that has nurtured and supported them.

Professionally, Nancy leads a research and development group, and brings to the board her experience in leading a portfolio of projects, managing a budget, and developing strategy and staff.

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