A website of contra dances where you can enter your zip code and it will list dances close by. You can also look at the full list of dances.]

From Jeff Kaufman

The Caller Directory

The Caller Directory is a spreadsheet listing self-submitted callers, their contact information, and what they call. It also provides space for references, video links, and a comment from the caller.

From Luke Donforth

Shared Weight: Trad Callers Discussion List

Trad Callers is a discussion list (email group) with wide-ranging interests. The group welcomes callers interested in community dances, dancing for children, one-night stands, traditional squares, and other forms outside the contra dance and ECD realm. List members ask/answer questions, discuss issues that come up for them, and share helpful resources. The list is a great way to talk with trad callers from throughout North America and beyond. Join the discussion!

Dance Figures Index: American Country Dances, 1710-1830

This resource is a guide to the basic figures in all American printed and manuscript longways country dances in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century sources. 2,738 dances were coded. In addition to the usual information such as title, page number, source name, and date, each dance was analyzed for its basic figures and number of active couples in the longways minor set.

Compiled by Robert M. Keller