I first knew of the Kaynor brothers in the Greenfield area in the mid 70s. I lived in Shelburne Falls and taught in Bernardston, and danced with Dudley in South Amherst until there started to be spinoff dances up in the hills. I particularly remember one the Kaynors led in the Buckland Town Hall, just down the street from my friends the McCuskers (formerly owners of McCuskers Market on Main Street Shelburne Falls).

I sadly confess that back then I thought of David and Cammy together – I mean, same last name: at the time, I was just a crazy diehard dancer. I only learned to differentiate their skills after I moved to TX, having had no idea then that I would be a contra leader for these many years. I credit David as one of the reasons. Without the infectious enthusiasm of those 1970s dances, I would not have been inspired to start a contra community in Houston.

Many years later, David stayed in my house in Houston as the Bayou Bedlam caller in 2012. We had a fabulous weekend with him. And I got to enjoy his company as a houseguest.

All that is to say that David Kaynor has been a fixture on my contra life since the beginning, even as I live in the hinterlands, far from the Greenfield mecca.

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