Hi David! Nora and I have such great remembrances of all your many visits to Ann Arbor. We are sharing a few photos of your visit in January 2019. What a fabulous time that was.

Jam around the fire at the Karsches' in Ann Arbor, January 2019:

Here is a video of David leading a rousing version of Ragtime Annie at a large jam session at the Ypsi Alehouse during his trip to Ann Arbor in January 2019. It features David, Katie and Corie Pressley from Brasstown, NC and a bunch of local Michigan musicians:

Ann Arbor Concert Jan'19 Nora KarschAfter your concert with Katie and Corie Pressley, Ann Arbor, January 2019 (David, Judy Raber, Katie & Corie Pressley, Fred Karsch, Jim Horton)

SnowShoeLaunch Jan '19 Nora KarschSetting out on snowshoe from Tree House in Northern Michigan, January 2019 (Katie, Fred, Corie, David).Snowshoe Jan2019 Nora KarschOn the snowshoe trail in Northern Michigan—David leading the pack, January 2019 (David, Katie, Corie, Nora).

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