WBReid LAndres DKaynor3 Peter C. WB Reid (banjo), David Kaynor (fiddle), & Laurie Andres (accordion)—Eastside Contra Dance (Kirkland, WA)—December 12, 2015Dear David—What joy you have generated on earth! I've known you since my time in New England during the roaring 80s of contra there. I eventually landed in Seattle and started the Eastside Contra Dance in 2010 with Laura Me' Smith and Mark Parker. Always a treat to have you with us at year end to support our small dance which I tried to present as a New England experience. You were the authentic touch!

My share is of you with Laurie Andres and WB Reid in Dec 2015. A little video of the three of you merrily playing tunes on stage for the dance and a photo to capture a happy moment of the evening. A big hug from Pacific NW.

David Kaynor performing at Eastside Contra Dance (Kirkland, WA), December 12, 2015:

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