Thank you for being such a wonderful friend, caller and musician, mentor. Love you David. I will always remember our great times hanging out in Ithaca, Ashokan and at other dance events.

David Dance poster Ithaca 2009 Nancy Spero2009 Ithaca Dance band "Too Much Fun," Nancy Spero and David calling. Gail Blake, Jennifer Datson, Nancy Spero and DavidDavid Dance poster Ithaca 2019 Nancy SperoIthaca Dance 2019. David's last visit to Ithaca. Nancy Spero calling, Tim Ball, John Wobus and David band.

David at wedding our 2010 Nancy SperoDavid playing at Nancy Spero and Rob Sullivan's wedding, 2010David calling wedding 2010 Nancy SperoDavid calling at Nancy and Rob's wedding, 2010

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