I am writing in regard to the recognition of David Kaynor. I have enclosed a copy of a dance ["Bells of Montague"] I wrote for him in 1989. My wife Debra Schultz and I stayed at his home after a dance I called at Greenfield. At that time, his home was very close to a church in which the bells rang throughout the night. Thus the inspiration for the dance.

I have known David since the late 70s when I was teaching at Murray Road alternative high school in Newton, MA. I fell into contra dancing in the summer,1977 and was soon dancing at the all-nighters held in Brattleboro. The Foregone Conclusions, one of the new Western Mass bands was prominent at these events. In September 1979, I hired the Foregones for my private going away dance held at the Scout House (the other band was Tod Whittemore with Allan Block and Kate Barnes). I believe it was one of the first times that the Foregones were featured in the Boston area.

David came out to the Northwest in 1983 with the Foregones who were on staff for the Port Townsend International Folk Dance and Music Week. This event began his lifelong relationship with the Northwest; David has been playing and calling out here ever since.

David has been a welcome ambassador for contra dance and music here in the Northwest. His enthusiasm for the music is reflected in his willingness to welcome all comers to join in playing with him. This inclusivity has provided inspiration for many Northwest musicians. His passion for the dance has served as a model for Northwest callers. He has very strong opinions about calling and the way the dancer and community interact. These beliefs have served many of us important reminders what is really important about contradancing. Consequently, David deserves this recognition by CDSS.

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