Dear David,

I met you at SAMW camp many years ago when you were my fiddle teacher. I had played violin through high school and a bit in college, but after that I'd only played infrequently for the following 20 years. You encouraged me, and invited me to the sessions at your house which I attended for several years until I started playing Irish style fiddle.

I remember not long after we met complaining to you about my playing, and you replied, "There's nothing wrong with your fiddling! You just need to stop playing alone in your living room (How did you know?) and start playing with people!" So, I did!

I gained confidence and skills from playing at the Montague sessions (and, it got me out of the house!). The tune I've shared in the video began in my car on the way home from a session. I called it, "Montague Musings". It's the only fiddle tune I've created so far. The short video is a glimpse of the tune. It shows the A part and the second B part (Actual tune: AABB, different ending 2nd time on B).

Thanks so much for your support and kindness when I needed it! I never did master contra dancing, but I did rekindle my love of music.

With much gratitude,

P.S. You most likely don't remember me since it was so long ago, and you've influenced so many individuals, but I wanted you to know that you made a difference, and I appreciate it!

I recorded a short video of a tune I wrote after a session:

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