David, I'm sharing a couple pictures of you from 2006--they're not the best pics, but to me they capture your playful spirit. I think you had joined an "all-women" band onstage and had dressed accordingly, and this memory of you always makes me smile!

I also think it was the first time Ron met you, so it will forever be his iconic memory of you. :)

A huge congratulations on your CDSS Lifetime Contribution Award, so well-deserved. Your music, voice, and spirit have brought so much joy to so many people. Us included! And I feel so fortunate to know you as a family friend as well. You have really touched all our lives, and we're lucky to be a part of yours.

David with a fiddle and a polka-dot skirtCalling in 2006David smiling and holding a fiddleA candid smile

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