Dear David,

I am pleased to number myself among the many hundreds of people who can easily conjure your voice in my head.

From the distinctive cadence of "...with liberty and justice FOR ALL!" of your Montague Grange leadership days, to the "two more times!" that instantly evokes a whole swirl of associations with innumerable tune sessions and dances, to the stories you've told about where you were in Sweden when you learned this polska, or your association with the person for whom you wrote that reel. But even more present for me is your musical voice, especially the double-fiddle sound that has now become such a fundamental part of my life. When I moved to Montague 20 years ago, it seemed a stroke of luck to wind up in the same town as your Monday night session. As I delved further into Swedish fiddling, I became hooked on exploring the kinds of harmony lines that my ear still strongly associates with you. And in fact, I'm not sure whether any of my path into Swedish fiddling would even have happened without your influence. Thank you for all the inspiration.

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