A Bunch of Old Guys

Several years ago, David got hired to call and bring a band to play at the Montpelier, VT, contra dance on the first Saturday in February at the Capitol City Grange. He "hired" George Wilson (fiddle [maybe a little 5 string banjo]) from NY state, Dave Guertin (guitar) from VT, myself (bass) from Maine, and of course David himself (on fiddle and viola) from MA.

We played this dance for several years but struggled at a "band name." After all, we convened for only one night per year! It was clear that we were an "interstate" band, and some jokes emerged from that, but I think the main thing that stuck was that we were all a bunch of 'old guys,' still making great music. As David's inability to speak progressed, I called a dance and finally Will Mentor called, but the music remained "untouchable." Thank you David for letting me be a part of this experience!

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