David adorned with water plantsI’ve known David since the 1970s, but it was at Ashokan Northern Week in the early 80s that I had one of those Ah-ha moments during the daily Swedish jam he led before processing to the dance pavilion.

I was playing with my eyes closed, completely absorbed in the sounds around me. A fiddle voice came closer and closer and stopped beside me with a delicious and stunning harmony that made me smile and open my eyes. There was David, grinning and happy, creating with all of us a beautiful sound. He was truly the pied piper on so many levels.

He was also impishly and irreverently happy to adorn his body with swamp grass during Root Canoe at the before-dinner gathering at Lakeside. I know there are many photos of him leading jams and sessions and doing what he did so well, but I’m sure not everyone knows that he was also able to rise from the muck from time to time, such a unique and playful person.

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