As one of the original faculty, and then as a board member, David's generous spirit and inclusive approach is pretty firmly baked into the DNA of Northeast Heritage Music Camp. Most campers can probably point to David as one of the first people to welcome them, gesturing toward an open spot in the informal porch jams he always seemed to be in the middle of as everyone arrived, and inviting them to join in.

There are countless photos of David calling dances, teaching, and playing at NHMC over the years; here are just a few.

When NHMC was at Johnson State College, David would sometimes have his classes play in the dining hall as campers were coming in for lunch. Pretty sure this photo is from 2009, and that David is leading a Swedish tune.

Also from NHMC 2009. David is either explaining a dance figure or telling a joke. Quite possibly both.

At NHMC at Camp Common Ground in 2019, just after the all-camp photo, as David was getting ready to lead everyone back to the dining hall with a walking tune.

Also from NHMC 2019, a very (very) late night jam in the Hay Barn.

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