As a part time student at Springfield College in 1970, I had nowhere to go at Thanksgiving. The Kaynor Clan took me under their wings and I attended their major family gathering (at the Willows? Restaurant). I think that is where, in the midst of all the singing, I saw where David absorbed his sense of harmony. If you listen carefully to his work, barbershop harmony is never far off!

A little while later, I taught him how to play "Alice's Restaurant" on the guitar. His diligence in learning it, his immunity to the groans that would emerge from the group as he sang it for the thousandth time, and the utter and rapt attention that he garnered from the group every time, laid the ground work for his subsequent endeavors, and his peculiar sense of humor!

In my heart, he is a musical Johnny Appleseed, sowing seeds of the joy of music, the sustenance of community and the encouragement of others to know all of that.

As we aged, a friend of mine and I worried that David's lifestyle had prohibited the accruing of traditional support (Social Security, annuity, etc.) We were very wrong! This last year especially has demonstrated that community is the best source of social security, friendship the superior annuity. Early in his journey with ALS he told me that he remained "sufficiently curious" about how all this would unfold. David continues to be sufficiently curious about all of life, and we are the better for it!

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