Kate Barnes Scrapbook

Kate onstage at Northern Roots

Congratulations, Kate!

I’m so excited for your award and amazing celebration—you have touched so many lives with your vast array of talents and for being exactly who you are!

Kate onstage at Northern Roots

Kate onstage at Northern RootsThank you, Kate, for all the smiles you have given me and many others with your joy-filled music.

When it was mentioned during your award ceremony that you remembered someone saying: "I love it when you stop playing!", it made me smile because that was me.

Congratulations Kate! While I don't have a personal relationship with you outside of the musical/dance events I attend, you have always greeted me (and many others no doubt) as a good friend.

Early 90s at the Scout House benefit, there was the Quickstop polka contest. Lisa Greenleaf was the judge; people were to dance Norwegian polka.

Long ago I met Kate and the Bares during the dancing highlight of the winter—an annual Valentine's Day dance.

Thank you beyond measure, Kate, for all the beauty, laughter, and joy you have brought to us all!

My poem was made on the spot after watching the wonderful tribute to Kate. It is just tossed off and not to be compared to that glorious poem read near the end of the tribute. Accept it for what it is, a piece of love for a talented and beloved musician.

In 1994 I went to Pinewoods because I'd started to call ECD and needed more of a repertory. Until then I'd only heard Laurie Andres's versions of the tunes, so I commented to Paul as we neared the top of the hall that you were playing a familiar dance with very different chords than I was used to.

Congratulations, Kate! I feel so lucky to know you! I have loved your music for so many years, and I have been inspired over and over hearing the incredible range that comes through in your playing—from comical and whimsical moments to moments of exquisite beauty that have hit me right in the heart.

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