Dance instructions

Duple proper

"Lead up and balance"
Actives move in and balance to partner (4)
"Quarter round, and up and down" Actives spin clockwise to their right to end in the center of the set, gent facing up and lady facing down (4); balance (4)
"Quarter round, across the set" Repeat the spin, ending in the partner's original spot (4)
A2 Balance (4)
"Quarter round, and up and down" Repeat the spin so the lady faces up and the gent down (4); balance (4)
"Quarter round and sashay" Repeat the spin so that actives are proper; they take hands in "skater's waltz" position (4)
B1 Down the center, turn alone (8)
"Back and cast off" Return and cast unassisted, facing each other throughout (8)
"Right and left four"
B2 Rights and lefts, across and back (16)