Dance instructions

Double contra: four-face-four

"Eight around"
A1 Circle left all eight, once around to place (16)
"Head sashay and the foot the outside"
A2 Heads (top left gent with his opposite) take two hands and sashay inside while the two at the foot sashay individually in the opposite direction behind the line (8)
"And back" Sashay back in the same manner (8)
"Foot sashay and the head the outside"
B1 Repeat A2 with roles reversed, over (8)
"And back" And back again (8)
"Ladies chain"
B2 Ladies chain, over and back (16)
"Half promenade"
C1 Promenade across (8)
"Half right and left" Right and left back (8)
"Forward and back eight"
C2 All go forward and back (8)
"Forward again, pass right through, through and through two lines!" Pass through two couples, and take 8 hands round with the next (8)