Dancing Across the Pond

American Source List

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Adams W MS, 1795 Adams, William O., compiler. "William O. Adams's Music Book, London, September 4th, 1795." [Commonplace book containing a number of melodies with topical American titles, and the tune and dance figures of "Columbia - a new Country Dance" (p. 23), in manuscript.] Fuld/Davidson 3; EAMSES D168.
Alexander MS, 1730 Alexander, James. [Commonplace Book containing professional notes on surveys and legal matters, a remedy for rattlesnake bite, and the figures for 27 country dances.] New York, 1730. EAMSES D101.
Allen CD, 1799 [Allen, Nathan, compiler. Select Country Dances. [New Hampshire? ca. 1799.] 8 pp. EAMSES D103
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Amer Ladies PB, 1796 American Ladies Pocket Book for MDCCXCVII. Philadelphia: W. Y. Birch, 1796. Evans 29972; Lowens 120; EAMSES D125.
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English Archer, 1800 The English Archer; or Robert Earl of Huntington: . . . containing thirty-two songs . . . . Baltimore: Bonsal & Niles, 1800. EAMSES D138
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Frobischer MS, 1793 Frobischer, C[arolyn] R[achel]. [Musical copybook containing 42 pieces in manuscript arranged for harpsichord, most with lyrics, 14 with figures for country dances.] Montreal, 1793. EAMSES E90.
Graupner CD,1808 A Collection of Country Dances and Cotillions arranged for the pianoforte. Boston: G. Graupner, 1808?1811?. Wolfe 1993, 1994 (2 sets); EAMSES D144.
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Munson CD, 1808 Munson, Peter H. The Figures of the Newest and Most Fashionable Country Dances for the Year 1808 just received of James Hewitt, New York. Hudson (NY): The Balance-Press for P. Munson, 1808. SS 50849; Wolfe 2791; EAMSES D152.
New Academy, 1795 A New Academy of Complements: or the Lover's Secretary...to which is added, A choice Collection of above one hundred and twenty Love Songs . . .with plain Instructions for Dancing. Worcester: 1795. Evans 29145; Lowens 98; EAMSES D153 (New Academy, 1795).
New Hampshire MS, 1795 Square Dances. Manuscript instructions." [Commonplace book containing the figures for 54 country dances in manuscript. New Hampshire? ca. 1795.] EAMSES D115
New Ladies CD, 1793 The New Ladies Memorandum-Book for the Year MDCCXCIV. Containing oeconomical tables, [24] country dances for the year 1794. London: James Evans. North America. Boston: Sold by Messrs Thomas & Andrews, [1793] Evans 27191; EAMSES D154.
Otsego CD,1808 A Select Collection of the Newest and most favorite country dances, waltzes, reels & cotillions as performed at Court and all grand assemblies. Comprising upwards of 350 figures. Otsego: H. & E. Phinney, Jun., 1088 [i.e. 1808]. Pp. 74. EAMSES D157.
Penna. Hist. Soc. MS, 1783 "No. 1 Sweet Richard" [Commonplace book containing the figures in manuscript of 14 country dances largely derived from Longman and Broderip's Selection of the Most Favorite Country Dances, Reels &c (London: c. 1790), vol. 1 and 2.] EAMSES D117
Saltator CD, 1807 Saltator [pseud.] A Treatise on Dancing; and on various other matters, which are connected with that accomplishment; and which are requisite to make Youth well received, and regulate their behavior in company, together with lessons, the figures of country dances, and cotillions. Boston: Printed for the Booksellers, 1807. Pp. 92. EAMSES D161.
Shepley MS, 1794 Shepley, Nancy, compiler? "Nancy Shepley's Book" [Commonplace book containing the figures of 55 country dances. Pepperill [Massachusetts, ca. 1794.] EAMSES D120.
Skillern MS, 1782 "Twenty Four Country Dances for the Year 1782 With proper Directions to each Dance as they are performed at Court Almacks Bath Pantheon and all Public Assemblies." [Commonplace book containing a manuscript copy of the figures for twenty dances from Twenty four Country Dances for the Year 1782 (London:, T. Skillern, 1782) and four additional dances.] EAMSES D121.
Stockbridge CD,1794 A Collection of Contra Dances containing the Newest, most Approved and Fashionable Figures. Stockbridge: Loring Andrews, 1794. Evans 46413
Turner MS,1788 Turner, John. "John Turner's Liber, 1788." [Commonplace book containing 225 dance melodies, many apparently copied from Thompson's Compleat Collection of 200 Favourite Country Dances, Vollm. III (London, Charles and Samuel Thompsons [sic], [1773]). Norwich, Connecticut, 1788. EAMSES E95.
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Willcox MS, 1793 Willcox, Asa . "The Property of Asa Willcox 1793." [Commonplace book containing the figures of 37 country dances and 3 cotillions in manuscript. New Hartford, Connecticut,]1793.
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