Dancing Across the Pond

Table of Contents

Dance Title Dance Figure
All Alive All Alive
Allegrant, L' Allegrant, L'
Antigallican Dance, The Antigallican Dance, The
Arcadian Nuptials, The Arcadian Nuptials, The
Ashley's Flag Ashley's Flag
Away to the Camps Away to the Camps
Baltiorum Baltiorum
Bantry-Bay Boy,The Bantry-Bay Boy,The
Begin the Dence Begin the Dence
Belle Catharine, La Belle Catharine, La
Bienfacile, La Bienfacile, La
Bonny Lads Bonny Lads
Bower of Roses, The Bower of Roses, The
Bridgewater Camp Bridgewater Camp
Brown Bread Brown Bread
Bugle Horn Bugle Horn
Cabinet of Monkies Cabinet of Monkies
Calabria Calabria
Careless Sally Careless Sally
Charms of the Fair, The Charms of the Fair, The
Coach Box,The Coach Box,The
Comet, The Comet, The
Contented Shepherd, The Contented Shepherd, The
Country Attorney, The Country Attorney, The
Country Bumkin Country Bumkin
Cure for the Heart Ache Cure for the Heart Ach
Daniel Cooper Daniel Cooper
Devil Among the Taylors, The Devil Among the Taylors, The
Dickey Dwindle Dickey Dwindle
Duchess of York's Waltz. The Duchess of York's Waltz, The
Duke of Yorks Fancy,The Duke of Yorks Fancy, The
Dunce Dings All Dunce Dings All
Egham Races Egham Races
Enchanted Wood, The Enchanted Wood, The
Evening Brush Evening Brush
Fanny's Fancy Fanny's Fancy
Female Soldier, The Female Soldier, The
Female Volunteers Female Volunteers
Fortune Teller Fortune Teller
Gallop, The Gallop, The
Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself
Grove,The Grove,The
Guilford Assembly Guilford Assembly
Guinea Pig, The Guinea Pig, The
Harlequin Every Where Harlequin Every Where
Harlequin's Museum Harlequin's Museum
Haunted Village, The Haunted Village, The
Haydn,The Haydn,The
Heir At Law,The Heir At Law,The
Hessian Camp Hessian Camp
Hey Me Nancy Hey Me Nancy
Hobbies of the Times, The Hobbies of the Times, The
Honest Thieves, The Honest Thieves, The
Humours of Castle Bar Humours of Castle Bar
Humours of Dublin Humours of Dublin
I Canna Buckle To' I Canna Buckle To'
Indian Princess, The Indian Princess, The
Infant,The Infant,The
Irish Noddy,The Irish Noddy,The
Jenny's Taste Jenny's Taste
Jew, The Jew, The
Just in Time Just in Time
Just the Thing Just the Thing
Kate of the Dale Kate of the Dale
Kempshot Hunt.Oscar and Malvina,or Kempshot Hunt.Oscar and Malvina,or
King of Denmark's Favourite, The King of Denmark's Favourite, The
Kitty Grogan Kitty Grogan
Lady Abergaveney's Fancy Lady Abergaveney's Fancy
Leap Year Leap Year
Lincolnshire Lads Lincolnshire Lads
Little Peggy's Love Little Peggy's Love
London House, The London House, The
Loyal Cobler, The Loyal Cobler, The
Maidens of Kent, The Maidens of Kent, The
Margate Wash Margate Wash
Mariners, The Mariners, The
Marlborough's Victory Marlborough's Victory
Marly Water's Works Marly Water's Works
Merry Strollers, The Merry Strollers, The
Merry Wakefield, The Merry Wakefield, The
Millers Wedding Millers Wedding
Miss Abercromby's Delight Miss Abercromby's Delight
Miss Balcarra's Reel Miss Balcarra's Reel
Miss Campbell's Reel Miss Campbell's Reel
Miss Card's Reel Miss Card's Reel
Miss Cockburn's Strathspey Miss Cockburn's Strathspey
Miss Drummond's Reel Miss Drummond's Reel
Miss Fleming's Fancy Miss Fleming's Fancy
Miss Gadde's Strathspey Miss Gadde's Strathspey
Miss Robertson's Reel Miss Robertson's Reel
Miss Tait's Reel Miss Tait's Reel
Money Musk Money Musk
Montpelier Gardens Montpelier Gardens
Morgan Ratler Morgan Ratler
Mrs Philips Fancy Mrs Philips Fancy
Mrs. Robertson's Reel Mrs. Robertson's Reel
Mulberry Tree, The Mulberry Tree, The
New Tartan Plaiddie New Tartan Plaiddie
New Theatre, The New Theatre, The
Noble Peasant, The Noble Peasant, The
None So Pretty None So Pretty
Nymph, The Nymph, The
Only Think of Me Only Think of Me
Opera Hornpipe, The Opera Hornpipe, The
Osburn Place Assembly Osburn Place Assembly
Oscar and Malvina, or, Kempshot Hunt Oscar and Malvina, or, Kempshot Hunt
Peggy Perkins Peggy Perkins
Philly M'Cue Philly M'Cue
Plaid, The Plaid, The
Pleasant Reel, The Pleasant Reel, The
Porcupine Dance Porcupine Dance
Pretty Lady Pretty Lady
Pretty Peggy of Darby O Pretty Peggy of Darby O
Prince De La Cour Prince De La Cour
Princes Favorite, The Princes Favorite, The
Quizes, The Quizes, The
Rakes of Dublin Rakes of Dublin
Rakes of Mallow Rakes of Mallow
Raymond and Agnes Raymond and Agnes
Rivals, The Rivals, The
Road to Ruin Road to Ruin
Robe De Chambre Robe De Chambre
Roshar's Hornpipe Roshar's Hornpipe
Royal Meeting, The Royal Meeting, The
Royal Pair, The Royal Pair, The
Savoyard's Frolic, The Savoyard's Frolic, The
School for Lovers School for Lovers
Scot's Dance, The Scot's Dance, The
Shephards Holiday, The Shephards Holiday, The
Siege of Belgrade Siege of Belgrade
Singleton Hall Singleton Hall
Sooner the Better, The Sooner the Better, The
Spanish Jig Spanish Jig
Sprigs of Laurel, The Sprigs of Laurel, The
St. James's Park St. James's Park
Storace Storace
Success to the Fleet Success to the Fleet
Sun Flower, The Sun Flower, The
Sweet Richard Sweet Richard
Swinish Multitude Swinish Multitude
Swiss Allemand Swiss Allemand
Telegraphe, The Telegraphe, The
Three Weeks After Marriage Three Weeks After Marriage
Tipling John Tipling John
Tippy Bob Tippy Bob
Trip to Ankerwick Trip to Ankerwick
Trip to Bermondsey Spa Trip to Bermondsey Spa
Trip to Cumberland Trip to Cumberland
Trip to Margate Trip to Margate
Trip to the Nore Trip to the Nore
Tunbridge Reel, The Tunbridge Reel, The
Vestris Jigg Vestris Jigg
Waltz, The Waltz, The
Welsh Question, The. Cymro-Oble, or Welsh Question, The. Cymro o b'le
White Cockade White Cockade
Wobourn Abbey Wobourn Abbey
Woodman, The Woodman, The
Wood's Fancy Wood's Fancy
Wounded Tree, The Wounded Tree, The