Dancing Across the Pond


Table of Contents

Dance Title Dance Figure
Albany Fusiliers Albany Fusiliers
Amas Bower Amas Bower
American Eagle American Eagle
American Fair American Fair
Amo Amas Amo Amas
Apollo Turned Shephard Apollo Turned Shephard
Apollow, The Apollow
Armadilla Armadilla
Armister Armister
Autumn Autumn
Baltic Bustle, The Baltic Bustle
Baltimore Baltimore
Bank Scrip Bank Scrip
Banks of the Dee Banks of the Dee
Banks of the Rhine Banks of the Rhine
Barbadoes Assembly Barbadoes Assembly
Barley Barley
Barrel of Sugar Barrel of Sugar
Beauties of Morning, The Beauties of Morning, The
Belle La Julienne Belle La Julienne
Belles of Chelsea, The Belles of Chelsea
Belles of New York Belles of New York
Bells of NewHaven Bells of NewHaven
Birmingham Lads and Lasses Birmingham Lads and Lasses
Black Ey-d Susan Black Ey-d Susan
Blue Bonnet Blue Bonnet
Bold Highlander Bold Highlander
Boling's Whim Boling's Whim
Boney Lass of Aberdeen Boney Lass of Aberdeen
Boston Assembly Boston Assembly
Boston March Boston March
Bostons Delight Bostons Delight
Bowling Green Bowling Green
Brave Protect the Fair Brave Protect the Fair
Bridal Day Bridal Day
Bright Phoebus Bright Phoebus
Bright Timothy Bright Timothy
Brilliant, La Brilliant, La
British Sorrow British Sorrow
B'S Favorite B'S Favorite
Bucks Have at Ye & Ale Bucks Have at Ye & Ale
Building in Harlequin Sorceror Building in Harlequin Sorceror
Buzz, The Buzz, The
Caira Caira
Callcott's Fancy Callcott's Fancy
Cambridge Farewell Cambridge Farewell
Canterbury Races Canterbury Races
Casco Bay Lass Casco Bay Lass
Catherines Ramble Catherines Ramble
Chain Cotillion Chain Cotillion
Chelsea Assembly Chelsea Assembly
Christmas Is Coming Christmas Is Coming
City of Paris City of Paris
City of Philadelphia City of Philadelphia
Clifton Springs Clifton Springs
Cognac (Coneac) Cognac (Coneac)
Columbia, New Columbia, New
Columbus Columbus
Commodore's Return Commodore's Return, The
Congress Lyon Congress Lyon
Connecticut Connecticut
Constancy Constancy
Constant Jamie Constant Jamie
Constellation Constellation, The
Conster, La Conster, La
Corn Planter Corn Planter, The
Corsine Corsine
Corus Jigg Corus Jigg
Country Girl Country Girl, The
Cowslip Girl Cowslip Girl, The
Cuckoos Cuckoos
Damon and Chloe Damon and Chloe
Dan's Ghost Dan's Ghost
Darby and Joan Darby and Joan
Dedham Assembly Dedham Assembly
Definitive Treaty, The Definitive Treaty, The
Delaware Delaware
Democratic Rage Democratic Rage
Demoiselle, La Demoiselle, La
Did Not Did Not
Dolefull Shephard Dolefull Shephard
Don Fisco Don Fisco
Donnybrook Fair Donnybrook Fair
Don Pedra Don Pedra
Dorchesters March Dorchesters March
Dorchester Reel Dorchester Reel
Draught Draught, The
Drops of Drink Drops of Drink
Drunken House Drunken House
Dunbarton's Drums Dunbarton's Drums
Dunkill House, The Dunkill House, The
Dunning Street Dunning Street
Durango's Hornpipe Durango's Hornpipe
Dutchess of Brunswick Dutchess of Brunswick
Earl Hume's Reel Earl Hume's Reel
Eastern Hall Eastern Hall
Eight of Clubs Eight of Clubs
Elegant Simplicty Elegant Simplicty
Evidel's Hornpipe Evidel's Hornpipe
Falls of Patterson, The Falls of Patterson, The
Fancy Dance No. 2 Fancy Dance No. 2
Fancy Dance, A Fancy Dance, A
Federalist, The Federalist, The
First Assembly, The First Assembly, The
First of May First of May
Flaxen Headed Cowboy, The Flaxen Headed Cowboy, The
Four Graces, The Four Graces, The
Frances's Hornpipe Frances's Hornpipe
Free Masons, The Free Masons, The
French Reel French Reel
Friendly Circle Friendly Circle
Garner'sRant Garner's Rant
Genet's Recall Genet's Recall
Genet's Reel Genet's Reel
Georgia Georgia
Georgia French CountryDance Georgia French CountryDance
Germans Delight Germans Delight
Gibralters March Gibralters March
Girl I Left Behind Me, The Girl I Left Behind Me, The
Go if You Will Go if You Will
Grand Spy, The Grand Spy, The
Greenfield Assembly Greenfield Assembly
Griffith's Whim Griffith's Whim
Griffith's Fancy Griffith's Fancy
Hail! Columbia! Hail! Columbia!
Haist to my Harriot Haist to my Harriot
Handles March Handles March
Happy Lovers Happy Lovers
Heathen Gods Heathen Gods
High Life Below Stairs High Life Below Stairs
Hollow Drum, The Hollow Drum, The
Hon.le Mrs. Coventry Hon.le Mrs. Coventry
Hotel, La, or, La Fayette Hotel,La, or, La Fayette
Hotel Assembly Hotel Assembly
How Happy's He How Happy's He
Hulls Victory Hulls Victory
Humors of Federalism Humors of Federalism
Humours of Boston, The Humours of Boston, The
Humours of Priest House Humours of Priest House
Hunting March, The Hunting March, The
I left my Sweet Girl Behind Me I left my Sweet Girl Behind Me
I'll Be Married in My Old Age I'll Be Married in My Old Age
I'm Too Young to Marry I'm Too Young to Marry
Italian Monfrina Italian Monfrina
Innocent Maid Innocent Maid
Irish Fox Hunter Irish Fox Hunter
Irish Wedding Irish Wedding
J[ackson]'s Morning Brush J[ackson]'s Morning Brush
Jackson's Baby Jackson's Baby
Jealous Husband Jealous Husband
Jefferson's Hornpipe Jefferson's Hornpipe
Jemmy of the Town Jemmy of the Town
Jemmy Sutton Jemmy Sutton
Jolly Drummer Jolly Drummer
Jolly Sailor, The Jolly Sailor, The
Kentucky French Country Dance Kentucky French Country Dance
King's Return, The King's Return, The
Kinloch of Kinloch Kinloch of Kinloch
Knights of St. Patrick, The Knights of St. Patrick, The
Labal Catharine Labal Catharine
Lady Adam's Fancy Lady Adam's Fancy
Lady Barkeley's Whim Lady Barkeley's Whim
Lady Bartley Lady Bartley
Lady Buckley's Whim Lady Buckley's Whim
Lady Harriot's Reel Lady Harriot's Reel
Lady Hope's Reel Lady Hope's Reel
Lady Lucy Rumseys Favorite Lady Lucy Rumseys Favorite
Lady McDonald Reel Lady McDonald Reel
Lady's Breast Knot Lady's Breast Knot
LadyWashington's Reel Lady Washington's Reel
Lady Windsor's Fancy Lady Windsor's Fancy
La Fayette, M. La Fayette, M.
Land of Sweet Erin, The Land of Sweet Erin, The
Lazy Barber Lazy Barber
Lexs Delight Lexs Delight
Lilach Lilach
Little Pussy Little Pussy
Little Wood Cotillion Little Wood Cotillion
Lord Cathcart Lord Cathcart
Lord Duncan's Victory Lord Duncan's Victory
Lord Gardner's Reel Lord Gardner's Reel
Lord Mcdonald's Reel Lord Mcdonald's Reel
Lord Milsington's Fancy, or, Miss Derby's Lord Milsington's Fancy, or, Miss Derby's
Love is the plan Love is the plan
Lovely Spring Lovely Spring
Lover in Distress, The Lover in Distress, The
Lover's Vows Lover's Vows
Lucky Hit, The Lucky Hit, The
Lucy's Birth Night Lucy's Birth Night
Madam You are the One Madam You are the One
Madrigal Madrigal
Maid Forsaken Maid Forsaken
Maid in the Pump Room, The Maid in the Pump Room , The
Maid of the Oaks Maid of the Oaks
Maid's Triumph Maid's Triumph
Malling the Wad Malling the Wad
Marchioness Marchioness
Margate Whim Margate Whim
Market Lass, The Market Lass, The
Mary-Ann's Fancy Mary-Ann's Fancy
Mary Go Round Mary Go Round
Maryland Maryland
Massachusetts Massachusetts
Massachusett's Hop Massachusetts Hop
McIntosh's Favorite McIntosh's Favorite
M'Donough's Victory M'Donough's Victory
Medical Aid, The. -A Cotillion Medical Aid, The. -A Cotillion
Military Assembly Military Assembly
Minstrel's Waltz, The Minstrel's Waltz, The
Miss Arnold's Delight Miss Arnold's Delight
Miss Astly's Hornpipe Miss Astly's Hornpipe
Miss Bartlett's Whim Miss Bartlett's Whim
Miss Bell's Whim Miss Bell's Whim
Miss Crawford's Reel Miss Crawford's Reel
Miss Darley's Favorite Miss Darley's Favorite
Miss Douglass' Gig Miss Douglass' Gig
Miss Eggerton's Reel Miss Eggerton's Reel
Miss Harman's Fancy Miss Harman's Fancy
Miss Mc'Farlane's High Dance Miss Mc'Farlane's High Dance
Miss Spencer's Fancy Miss Spencer's Fancy
Miss Sutherland's Reel Miss Sutherland's Reel
Miss William's Whim Miss William's Whim
Moll Brook Moll Brook
Montague Bay Montague Bay
Morehouse's Whim Morehouse's Whim
Morning Star, The Morning Star, The
Morris's Dance Morris's Dance
Mountain of Salt Mountain of Salt
Mr. Mc Donald's Reel Mr. Mc Donald's Reel
Mrs. Astley's Hornpipe Mrs. Astley's Hornpipe
Mrs. Maule's Reel Mrs. Maule's Reel
Mrs. Parker's Fancy Mrs. Parker's Fancy
Mrs. Placeed's Alamand Mrs. Placeed's Alamand
Mutual Joy Mutual Joy
Myrtle Grove, The Myrtle Grove, The
Nancy Dawson Nancy Dawson
Nancy's Favorite Nancy's Favorite
New-Boston Assembly New-Boston Assembly
New Century New Century
New Constitution New Constitution
New Hampshire Allemande New Hampshire Allemande
New Hampshire New Hampshire
New Jersey New Jersey
New Labyrinth New Labyrinth
New London Assembly New London Assembly
New York New York
New-York Rangers New-York Rangers
Nichol's Favorite Nichol's Favorite
Nightingale's Fancy Nightingale's Fancy
No Friend to Poverty No Friend to Poverty
No Luck about the House No Luck about the House
North Carolina Jigg North Carolina Jigg
North or South Carolina North or South Carolina
Noyme, La Noyme, La
Oaster River Oaster River
Orange Tree Orange Tree
Over the Hills Over the Hills
Oyster River Oyster River
Paddy Carey Paddy Carey
Paddy's Resort Paddy's Resort
Patterson's Hornpipe Patterson's Hornpipe
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Pepin's Ride Pepin's Ride
Phyladelphia Reel, A or Jack's Alive Phyladelphia Reel, A or Jack's Alive
Pickering is Removed Pickering is Removed
Pleasure of Love, The Pleasure of Love, The
Pleasure of Providence, The Pleasure of Providence, The
Pleasures of Solitude, The Pleasures of Solitude, The
Pleasures of Hanover Pleasures of Hanover
Plow Boy, The Plow Boy. The
Poor Girl Poor Girl
Poor Soldier Poor Soldier
Portraits, a La Mode, Les Portraits, a La Mode, Les
President President
Princess of Brunswick Princess of Brunswick
Promenade, La Promenade, La
Promenade; or Catharine's Ramble Promenade; or Catharine's Ramble
Queen Bess Queen Bess
Races Races
Rage of the Day Rage of the Day
Rakes of Rodney Rakes of Rodney
Reading Reading
Renard's Reel Renard's Reel
Return from a Cruise Return from a Cruise
Revenge Revenge
RhodeIsland RhodeIsland
Rhode Island Jogg Rhode Island Jigg
Rickets Hornpipe Rickets Hornpipe
Rickett's Ride Rickett's Ride
Rochester Rakes Rochester Rakes
Rocomocus Rant Rocomocus Rant
Rose is the Dandy Rose is the Dandy
Roslin Castle Roslin Castle
Safe Return Safe Return
Sailors Hornpipe, The Sailors Hornpipe, The
Saira (Caira) Saira (Caira)
Sarah's Fancy Sarah's Fancy
School's Delight, The School's Delight, The
Scotch Favourite Scotch Favourite
Scotch Reel Scotch Reel
Scuball Scuball
Sea Flower Sea Flower
Seasons, The Seasons, The
Seven Stars Seven Stars
Sham Truce Sham Truce
Ship in Full Sail, The Ship in Full Sail, The
Sicilian Peasant Sicilian Peasant
Six Hand Reel Six Hand Reel
Six in a Coach, or Prime Six in a Coach, or Prime
Smash the Windows Smash the Windows
South Carolina South Carolina
Southern's Allamand Southern's Allamand
St Antonio's Cotillon St Antonio's Cotillon
Statia Girl, The Statia Girl, The
Step to Ireland Step to Ireland
St Patrick's day in the Morn St Patrick's day in the Morn
Strephon and Flora Strephon and Flora
Successfull Candidate, The Successfull Candidate, The
Sukey Bids Me Sukey Bids Me
Sultan Amurath Sultan Amurath
Sweet Ellen Sweet Ellen
Sweet Hope Sweet Hope
Sweet Peggy Sweet Peggy
Syrah (Caira) Syrah (Caira)
Tallien's Taste Tallien's Taste
Tartan Plad Tartan Plad
Tea Grace Tea Grace
Tennessee Tennessee
Tip at the Hillian Tip at the Hillian
Toxon Cotillion Toxon Cotillion
Trio Trio
Trip to Canada Trip to Canada
True Felicity True Felicity
Truxton's Fancy Truxton's Fancy
Twenty Second of February, The Twenty Second of February, The
United Americans United Americans
Upper Houses, The Upper Houses, The
Vaudreuil, La Vaudreuil, La
Vermont French Country Dance Vermont French Country Dance
Vesitte, La Vesitte, La
Vineyard Revels Vineyard Revels
Virginia Virginia
Washington and Liberty Washington and Liberty
Washington Forever Washington Forever
Washington's Resignation Washington's Resignation
Way to Waymouth, The Way to Waymouth, The
We Are Here Again We Are Here Again
Welcome Here Again Welcome Here Again
Whimsical Lady, The Whimsical Lady, The
Widow Dixon, The Widow Dixon, The
Wish to Please, The Wish to Please, The
Woolwich Assembly Woolwich Assembly
Yankee Doodle Yankee Doodle
York Frolic York Frolic
York Fusalear York Fusalear
Young Astle's Favorite Young Astle's Favorite
Young Rake Young Rake
Young Widow Young Widow