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Submissions for CD+S Online

CD+S Online is published on a rolling basis. The Editor welcomes submissions on topics addressing traditional dance, music, and song rooted in England and North America. Articles in CD+S Online are longer and more detailed than those found in its sister publication, CDSS News, and represent an exploration of the past, a celebration of the present, speculations as to the future, and a means for future generations to mark the status and development of our shared art form at any given point in time.

Generally speaking, we do not accept personal memoirs or group histories unless they fit into a broader theme or argument.

Requirements for publication: Articles should be limited to 2,000 to 3,500 words and conform to the MLA Style Manual, with parenthetical documentation for all sources and with American spelling and punctuation (except for historical quotations, as noted in the style sheet). Place any notes at the end, preceding the Works Cited list.

A detailed style sheet is available here. Email your paper as a .doc file to Allison Thompson at

Submission of a paper to CD+S Online is a representation that it is the author’s original, unpublished work, that it has not been submitted elsewhere, and that the author has secured permission to publish any copyrighted material, including illustrations, and video or audio links. Authors retain the copyright to their essays, but essays accepted for publication in CD+S Online may not be reprinted elsewhere without the permission of CDSS and its journal Editor.

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