Mary WesleyHost Mary Wesley. Photo by Maddie Freeman.

We have a new podcast!

Get ready for From the Mic, a brand new audio interview podcast from CDSS! Host Mary Wesley takes you behind the mic with callers of American social dance forms—exploring perspectives of the people who choose that curious place between the band and a roomful of dancers. Why do they do it? How did they learn? What is their role, on stage and off, in shaping our dance communities?

You can find our monthly episodes at or wherever you get your podcasts.

Affiliates, Renewals Are Coming

Renewal time is almost here! It has been a long and difficult year, but we are looking forward to emerging from it soon with a renewed sense of purpose and a strong network of Affiliates able to support each other through a joyful reentry.

We plan to open Affiliate renewals at the end of March, and will be asking all Affiliates to renew before May 1. You will be receiving another notice then to let you know that we are ready to accept renewals with instructions on how to do that. Visit or email for more info.

Ed Stern morris photo by Jim Pfau2022 LCA recipient Ed Stern. Photo by Jim Pfau.

Lifetime Contribution Award Nominations Open

Do you know someone who has made an exceptional contribution to the mission of CDSS? Has this contribution benefited multiple geographical areas or generations of people? Have they worked in conjunction with CDSS for more than 20 years? If the answer is “yes” to all of these, then you may know a future recipient of the CDSS Lifetime Contribution Award.

We are looking for nominations for next year’s award, and we’d love to hear from you. Please visit for more information and to make a nomination. The nominating period is open until April 30.

2022 LCA recipient Ed Stern will be celebrated at an event in Minneapolis on Saturday, June 11. Please email Ted Hodapp at for more information. Photo by Jim Pfau.

Work at Camp This Summer

Each year, we need help running our summer dance and music camps. This year, we are looking to fill the following positions:

  • help running our bookstore
  • auction and party management
  • lifeguards with CPR/AED/First Aid certificates
  • sound system operators

Compensation ranges from full scholarship to paid staff, depending on the session. Please email for more information.

CDSS Board Nominations Open

The CDSS Governing Board will have positions to be filled next year and would appreciate your nomination suggestions. We are looking for a mix of folks passionate about traditional dance, music, and song, with the skills, experience, time, and energy to serve a three-year Board term. Skills that are always needed are fundraising, accounting/financial expertise or business acumen, or experience serving on other boards. If you or someone you know fits any of these criteria, please send your suggestions to us with the following information:

  • Person’s contact information (email address and phone number)
  • How they are involved in CDSS traditions (e.g., singer, dancer, musician, organizer, etc.)
  • Professional and personal skills they would bring to the Board (or committees/task groups)
  • Why they would be a good Board (or committee/task group) member

Send suggestions to the CDSS Nominating Committee by April 30 via email to or mail to Juliette Webb, PO Box 58532, Nashville, TN 37205.

Camp Scholarships Available

We want you to come to camp! CDSS scholarships help make our camp programs financially accessible and are a vital part of creating inclusive and welcoming spaces at camp. To apply, fill out the scholarship portion of the online camp registration form. Visit for more details.

Community News

walkersECD Playlists for Walking

From Don Bell: One of the big advantages of dancing is it’s a fun way of getting exercise. To maintain our mental and physical health in these stressful times, it’s advisable to get outside every day and engage in some form of physical exercise. You can accomplish these two objectives by simply walking outdoors.

I made up a dozen 30 minute playlists of walkable English country dance tunes, starting at a slow tempo and gradually getting faster. Walking on the beat encourages a consistent brisk pace, and it’s good for the brain, too, as it requires concentration and coordination. It may even improve dancing skills! The collection of playlists is available at

Murder & Miss Austen's BallMurder & Miss Austen’s Ball

From Ridgway Kennedy: Ridgway Kennedy has written a novel, Murder & Miss Austen’s Ball. It’s a cozy mystery with a bit of romance and a helping of adventure that features music, dance, and an online musical accompaniment. Miss Austen plans a birthday ball. A dancing master is sent for; a dancing master arrives. There is confusion, music, a literary rescue mission, a murder, a mystery, and a puzzle to be solved. More? Visit Amazon or Hedgehog House Books.

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