Through the Lens of Stewart Dean

As we prepare for camp this summer (fingers crossed!), we’re looking back on camp seasons of the recent past, particularly English Dance Week at Pinewoods with these images photographer Stewart Dean recently shared with us.

Stewart says, “During English Week 2010-2014, my camper camp job was taking pictures… and there’s as many as 1000 of them for each week. I’ve been photographing since I was 12, am a professional and have some of the best gear available, so there is a panoply of images, some of people who have passed, yet here they are in vivid life, just to mention a few: Al Blank, Rich Baker, Sol Weber, Frank Stern. We may be In the Bleak Midwinter, but here are summers past, glowing with life and the grace of English country dance.”

2012 Abbots Bromley. Photo by Stewart Dean

Anna Patton and Tom Kruskal. Photo by Stewart Dean.

Sharon Green and other dancers. Photo by Stewart Dean.

Dancers swinging. Photo by Stewart Dean.

Nikki Herbst and other dancers. Photo by Stewart Dean

Jewel Leuba, Scott Higgs, and other dancers. Photo by Stewart Dean.

See many more of Stewart’s English Week photos here.
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This year, English Dance Week is July 30-August 6. Find dates for all our camp weeks.

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