By Kelsey Wells

Beehive puzzleBeehive

Create words using letters from the beehive. Each word must be more than three letters long and use the center letter at least once. Score one point for each word and three points for each pangram (any word that uses all seven letters). Letters may be used more than once in a word. Our solution list doesn’t include proper nouns, obscure or hyphenated words, medical terms, or obscenities.

This puzzle is inspired by “Spelling Bee,” published in the New York Times.

Sudoku puzzleDiagonal Sudoku

Fill in the empty squares so that each row, column, 3x3 inner square, and yellow diagonal line contains the numerals 1-6.

Wandering Words

Trace a path through all the letters to find the word or phrase that matches the clue. The path can start on any outer block and can move horizontally and vertically but cannot cross itself.

Cranked instrument:

Wandering Words puzzle 1

First line of a favorite winter carol:

Wandering Words puzzle 2

Philippe Callens dance with a chilly title:

Wandering Words puzzle 3


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