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Circle of FriendsCDSS has been working tirelessly to support our communities as we navigate this pandemic, and we’re so proud of the work we’ve done so far. As we continue expanding into year-round programming, we need your year-round support! Circle of Friends is our monthly or quarterly recurring giving program. It may provide easier access to membership, allow you to give at a higher level, or it may simply be more convenient for you! Circle of Friends donors provide us with consistent income in an uncertain time, allowing us to focus on what really matters: serving our communities and the traditions we love. Visit to join.

Ben Sachs-Hamilton and Myles Louis Dakan“We've been CDSS members for a few years now, and decided to join the Circle of Friends this summer while at American Week at Pinewoods. We are involved in lots of different folk activities, including contra dance, shape-note singing, morris dance, and pub singing, and in all of these areas we see the role that CDSS plays in sustaining the communities and traditions that mean so much to us. Giving monthly through the Circle of Friends makes it easy to support this work in a consistent and enduring way.”

—Ben Sachs-Hamilton and Myles Louis Dakan, Northampton, MA

Jenna Barron and child“I want my child to be able to enjoy the traditions that I do, so it's important to me to support CDSS. By joining Circle of Friends, I can provide a regular donation which ensures that the great family programming CDSS provides can continue.”

—Jenna Barron, Easthampton, MA

Erik J Martin“I have been a dancer for nearly 70 years, starting when I was nine years old and had square dancing in the third grade, and including 50 years as a Scottish dancer, and 30 dancing both contras and English country. I am lucky to have been able to dance so long despite developing muscular dystrophy, although now I do only the slower ones. I started supporting CDSS years ago because they support the dancing that matters so much to me. I’d been giving monthly since the Centennial campaign, and signed up for Circle of Friends as soon as the opportunity arose.”

—Erik J Martin, Bothell, WA

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