Two dancers in Regency clothing, holding yardsticks

Pandemic Panaceas

ECD: The Pandemic Waltz

By David Cheatley

Longways proper for 4 couples. Dancers spaced 6 feet from each other, holding meter/yard sticks as shown.

A1 (16 bars) Up a double (4 waltz steps) (no hands; sticks may touch), 3 waltz steps back, and 4th waltz step turn out of the set and turn in place to face your partner
Everyone turn right and circle left 8 waltz steps to home
B (chorus) (16 bars) First corners left shoulder cast to change places (4 waltz steps)
Second corners right shoulder cast to change places (4 waltz steps)
Change places with your partner by the right shoulder/stick (4 waltz steps)
Set right, set left, turn single and bow

A2 (16 bars)

Siding (8 waltz steps over, 8 waltz steps back)


as above
A3 (16 bars) Arming: 8 waltz steps around, touching right meter/yard sticks 8 waltz steps around, touching left meter/yard sticks
B as above

COVID Precautions

  • Everyone should wear a mask.
  • Everyone should carry a meter/yard stick in each hand, held perpendicular to the ground, to maintain social distancing.
  • Gloves optional.

Hear a dance-length version of the tune. This recording is six times through the tune, enough for four couples to complete the dance twice.

The Pandemic Waltz: A Safe English Country Dance

by David Cheatley

Pandemic Waltz sheet music

David Cheatley began learning violin in seventh grade (1966). Ten years on, he was playing and dancing square, morris, contra, and English dances in Toronto, Canada. Recent adventures include calling English dances in Kaslo, BC, and arranging and recording dance tunes.

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