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Check out this great selection of books and CDs from 2021! Along with CDSS gift certificates, these make great gifts for the music, dance, and song lover of any age in your life. Order ASAP if you need them for the holiday season!

The Longest Night by the Cosmic OttersThe Longest Night
By The Cosmic Otters

The Longest Night by The Cosmic Otters (Meg Dedolph, Eric Schedler, and Jonathan Whitall) is a mix of 14 wonderful original and traditional dance tunes from England, Ireland, and the United States, including waltzes and a song. With its solid rhythmic foundation, inventive harmonies, pulsing accordion, and tasteful percussion, the music is ideal for both listening and for dancing along.

Join Up Hands by Sue HulsetherJoin Up Hands
By Sue Hulsether

In Join Up Hands, Sue Hulsether gives a volume of simple and accessible set dances stemming from a variety of American traditions. Each of the 23 longways, circle, and square dances is accompanied by clear directions and time-tested teaching tips. Throughout the book, the author describes both how to teach the dance moves and also how to build human connection through the dance experience. The companion CD (sold separately) features lively string band music that joyfully recreates the spirit of a real-live barn dance.

David Kaynor book coverDavid A. Kaynor: Living Music and Dance
Edited by Susan Songer

This extraordinary, spiral-bound volume encompasses and celebrates the many contributions David made to the world of contra dance. The book contains over 70 tunes that David composed, his harmonies and his stories about the tunes, over 50 dances that he choreographed and his stories about these dances, David’s essays on tune composition and harmony, his previous book, Calling for Beginners by Beginners, and his complete autobiography with tributes from family members and friends.

The ABCs of Contra DancingThe ABCs of Contra Dancing
By Luke Donforth & Sarah Hirsch

This lovingly-illustrated board book is a series of rhyming couplets about the alphabet and contra dance, written by Luke Donforth as he travelled calling various dances around North America. The fabulous artwork was done by Sarah Hirsch, based on her decades in the dance community—you may recognize some friends in her illustrations! This book is a wonderful introduction to this living tradition for the next generation.

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