Weathering the Winter Together

By Linda Henry

A tree with leaves printed with ideas

During our November 1 Web Chat, 150 participants brainstormed in breakout rooms to generate ideas for keeping communities engaged during the coming months. This tree of ideas brings you a sampling; check out this page for the entire harvest. We’re happy to continue adding to this list, so please send your suggestions to All ideas are welcome!

This Web Chat also included a valuable presentation by Dr. Kimbi Hagen, public health professor and dance organizer. She provided current information and concrete considerations for organizers who are planning pandemic-era dance, music, and song events. Links to her presentation and materials from this and all previous Web Chats are available here.

Our next Web Chat will be on January 19, 2022. We’ll hear from a panel of folks discussing their decision-making process leading up to reopening their events, the adjustments they’ve made, and the outcomes of their experiments. Registration open soon!

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