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"Genuine family engagement" at Kids 4 Harmony event
2017 recipient of the Judson-Foster fund grant
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Sandy Bradley, CDSS Lifetime Contributor 2017
CDSS News, Spring 2017
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CDSS seeking candidates for Executive Director position

“Genuine family engagement” at a Kids 4 Harmony event

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Here is a letter from Alicia Stevenson, director of the Kids4Harmony, a program of Berkshire Children and Families in Pittsfield, MA. Pat MacPherson, CDSS Director of Education, and Nils Fredland spent a day with her and her music teachers last year, bringing with them CDSS’s teacher training pilot program. Read what has happened since:

“I wanted to send along some pictures from the event and to keep you in the loop with all of the great things that we are doing here in the Berkshires, which were truly inspired by the work that Pat and Nils set into place.

kids for harmony fiddlers on stage cropped“We have been teaching our students several fiddle tunes over the past several months and have been integrating dance into our program as well. On April 7th we brought together our Pittsfield and North Adams programs for the first time ever to dance and play together. The kids and families had never met, but they warmed up to each other quickly as they moved together on the dance floor! We were so lucky to have the support of Adina Gordon, Mark Roberts, and Mia Friedman. I was also delighted to see other area musicians stop in to play as well as to have the support of several Williams College students! My favorite part of the night was watching the 45 students playing their fiddle tunes on stage as their families danced to their music. It was such an incredible moment. We ended up having well over 160 people attend, including the superintendent and principals. We finished the night with some pizza and crafts and everyone left with smiles on their faces.

“I have received great feedback from the school and the professional musicians about the event. The 21st Century Coordinator commented, ‘For the first time I walked away from the dance feeling like some real genuine family engagement happened!’"

2017 recipient of Judson/Foster fund grant

megan wilson lrgPhoto by Jeff BaryThe Mary Judson/Brad Foster Fund has a wide scope. This year we focused specifically on assisting an emerging and developing teacher of English country dance. After reviewing suggestions from a number of dance leaders across the country who have been working with emerging teachers, we chose Megan Wilson of Ann Arbor, MI, as the recipient of the 2017 award.

We did so because Megan, described as a “powerhouse,” is someone who in a short time has made great strides in learning the skills of an English dance teacher and dance community organizer, and is someone who has great potential to develop even further. The award will help her to attend the English Dance Leaders Course, led by Joanna Reiner Wilkinson, at CDSS English Week at Pinewoods Camp this summer.

— Sharon Green, Brad Foster and Pat MacPherson

The Fund was established in honor of Mary Judson’s impact on English dance in this country, Brad Foster’s dedication to the Society, and of Brad’s and Mary’s mentor-teacher relationship. CDSS has launched this initiative to create a new cohort of dance leaders in our community, continuing our 100-year commitment to preserving English dance traditions, supporting the communities in which they seek to thrive, and investing in the development of new leaders. 

Camp time!

work play pinewoodsPhoto by Richard FiteEnjoy the dance, the song, and the musicians! Registration for our residential camp weeks is open and waiting for you. Enjoy an amazing community this summer—here’s more info, lots of pictures, and scholarship info. You can register online or print out the reg form and mail it in. Questions? Write or call us, 413-203-5467 x 2.

Sandy Bradley, CDSS Lifetime Contributor 2017

sandy bradley cropPhoto by Doug PlummerLCA recipient Sandy says she’s having a wonderful year! Read “How She Got Started” in the Summer issue of the CDSS News.

CDSS News, Summer 2017

CDSS News summer 2017 front cover smPhoto by Arthur McNair

And in the rest of that issue, read articles by Graham Christian (Tell Me More—Childgrove), Lorraine Muenster and Lynette Dyck/Village Green ECD (News from Canada—Dancing with Friends), Jeremy Carter-Gordon (CDSS Sings—“Song on the Times”), Erik Erhardt and Toni Fields (Leading a Contra Dance Role-Swapping Workshop), Dugan Murphy (Training New Contra Callers in Portland, ME), and Anna Rain (Yoga for Dance Gypsies!).


Song of the Month

song of the monthPhoto by Jeff BaryWe’re continuing our new tradition of posting a Song of the Month on our website, and Judy Cook and friends continue to bring us wonderful songs. May was “Banks of Green Willow/Bonnie Annie,” introduced by Moira Craig. June will be “When I Went for to Take My Leave,” introduced by Dave Para and Cathy Barton. Enjoy a song with us!

Liability insurance

insurance policyThe liability insurance that CDSS offers for Callers and Group Affiliates renews annually on May 1 and runs through April 30 next year. Now is a great opportunity to sign up for the first time if you've not previously had coverage or haven’t renewed yet. Applications and information are online

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to be in touch:, 413-203-5467.

CDSS seeking candidates for Executive Director position

new exec dirCDSS is seeking candidates for an Executive Director to lead the organization to its next level of success. Go to to view the Position Profile, including details on qualifications and application process.


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