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The quarterly CDSS News welcomes submissions of ads, articles, letters, poems and photographs about contra, English country and traditional square dance, morris and English sword dance, dance tunes, folksongs, and the dance and music community. Newly-composed dances and tunes also are welcome, as are new looks at historical dances and tunes. Please contact the Editor for guidelines or send submissions to (maximum size for most articles: 1,200 words, 600 words for essays and event reviews). We may edit for length and clarity. Photos should be 300-600 dpi (print resolution) and should be submitted in color.


We no longer include events listings in the CDSS News; instead you can find them in our Events Calendar. We have recently rebuilt our calendar and it includes upcoming balls, workshops, conferences, weeks, weekends, and other special events. Dance series can also be included, and we have made it possible for groups to submit their own events without being logged in. Click the Add Your Event link in the blue box at the bottom of the Events Calendar page. Note: If you are logged in to the CDSS site, the link won't appear on the page.

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