Arthur and I made our estate plans a few years back when I was serving on the CDSS Board and he was serving on both the Pinewoods Camp Board and our local dance board. Including CDSS as a beneficiary was a no-brainer for us. Art introduced me to dancing shortly after I met him and we had a ridiculously great time in the dance and song community our entire 30 years together. Dancing itself, the community, and the deep friendships we made had all been central to our life together—those connections continue to be central to my life. We wanted to help sustain that kind of community long into the future.

Planning early left me no doubt about Arthur’s wishes regarding CDSS, and I take comfort in knowing that all is in place to leave a legacy to something that was so deeply meaningful to him.

During Art’s illness and since his death, the dance community has surrounded me with truly amazing love and support. I cannot overstate how uplifting this care was and is, and how powerfully it affirms our shared belief in the value of community. May CDSS and the communities it nurtures continue to thrive.