The 2014 SWROC Conference archive is now ready! You can download the complete program book containing all the contributed conference materials, session descriptions, outlines, presenter handouts, attendee notes and presenter bios here. The complete set of additional presenters’ excel worksheets (zip file) can be downloaded here.

You can download the individual session materials by clicking on the session titles below. See program for the complete session descriptions.

We  have added links to audio recordings of most sessions below. We have also made  corrections, additions and updates to the archive, with the last update as of November  17, 2014.



VISION:  First things first
Annie Laskey, Linda Henry, & Michael Barraclough
session audio

ORGANIZING FOR SUCCESS:  Crucial aspects of building a strong infrastructure for your dance
Leda Shapiro & Eric Black
session audio

HAPPY VOLUNTEERS:  Finding them, keeping them, sustaining them and using them effectively
Teri Rasmusson
session audio

CAN WE TALK?  Effective organization through meaningful interpersonal connection
Erik Erhardt
session audio

MANAGING YOUR MONEY:  Your series is bringing in money. Now what do you do with it?
Leda Shapiro
session audio     dance_report     door_worksheet    sample_budget

TECH TOOLS:  Technology can help organizations be more effective
Erik Erhardt, Ron Nieman, & Glenn Manuel
session audio     dance_planner    weekend_planner    tour_planner

WORKING ON WEEKENDS:  Organizing your dance festival
Leda Shapiro
session audio


USING YOUR TALENT:  How to book, work with, and help improve your callers, musicians, and sound techs
Jeff Spero & Eric Black
session audio

THE UNWANTED ELEMENT:  Preventing issues from arising on the floor and dealing with them when they do
T-Claw Crawford & David WIley

COME LET’S BE MERRY:  Developing and nurturing English Country Dance
Annie Laskey & Karina Wilson

BARN RAISING:  Sustaining Square, Family, and Barn dances
T-Claw Crawford, Teri Rasmusson, & Doc Litchman
session audio

UNSTRAIGHTENING CONTRA:  Community building through Gender-free dancing
Laura Gorrin & Yoyo Zhou
session audio

Cultivating New Talent:  Ways to find and grow callers and musicians
Wendy Graham, Erik Black, & Linda Henry
session audio

FROM BEGINNER TO ADVANCED – How to keep everyone happy
Wendy Graham
session audio

BUILDING COMMUNITY – How to keep the dance going when the music stops
Jeff Spero & Doc Litchman
session audio


Marketing 101:  Finding and keeping the crowd you want
Michael Barraclough
session audio

MARKETING 102:  Putting your knowledge to work
David Wiley
session audio

ATTRACTING YOUNGER DANCERS: Creating and maintaining a multigenerational dance
Karina Wilson & Laura Gorrin

MONEY:  How to get more!
Leda Shapiro
session audio

CROSSING THE BORDER:  Connecting groups within each state and throughout the region
Wendy Graham
session audio

Conference Wrapup

Southwest Regional Organizers Conference, Sept 19-21, 2014, Albuquerque NM