Fund Your Attendance

Being at this conference is an investment in your dance’s future. You’ll return to your home community energized with valuable new connections and resources to help your dance grow and thrive!

We believe that it is not solely the responsibility of individual organizers to pay their way to the conference. If you can and want to cover your registration fee and transportation — to support your dance even more than you already do — that’s great!  But for those who can’t for whatever reasons, we encourage your local dance group to consider these ways of helping you attend this valuable event. Between now and September…

~ Solicit contributions at your dances:

  • Make announcements: Let your dancers know that you’ll be giving your dance a BIG boost by attending this conference. Encourage them to get invested in the process too.  After all, your attendance will ultimately benefit them!
  • Put up a sign on the admissions table asking dancers to pay more at the door if they can. (Put out a donation jar, if you want to keep these contributions separate from admissions income.)
  • Put out a sign-up sheet for anyone who can contribute Frequent Flyer Miles to help you with airfare.
  • Put up a poster. (We’ll post one on this website soon.)

~ Include conference attendance in your monthly dance’s overhead:

  • Keep a modest $15-25 from each month’s income from now until September. Simply add another line item to the overhead, taking out that amount from each gate (just as you would for hall rental, sound, publicity, or other expenses.)
  • Worried that this means less pay for performers? Ask if they’d be willing to donate $5 apiece.  Most callers and musicians will appreciate that you are doing this for your series. They may also acknowledge the long-term benefits for performers, financial and otherwise.
  • Running out of time to save by September? Make a loan to your series.  Pay for your conference expenses out of pocket, divide that amount by 12, and the series can reimburse you over the course of the year by considering it a monthly expense of the dance overhead.

~ Solicit donations and grants: Seek out generous donors who would support your attendance, whether individuals or local community foundations.

~ Spread the word: Contact members of your broader community. Let them know you’re planning to attend this conference and why.  Point out the ways that having a local dance series benefits your area: community-building, live music, healthy exercise, inter-generational activity, chem-free, etc.  Ordinary citizens who value your dance’s contributions to local society may even help get you to the conference!

~ Other? Send us your own great ideas for paying for the conference, and we’ll add them to this page! Email us at swrocinfo@gmail.

Any dance series may make a general donation to help with conference expenses, or to support attendance for members.  To add your organization to the growing number of conference sponsors a check made out to CDSS may be sent to the SWROC registrar (please write SWROC in the memo). Your group will be added to the sponsor’s list, with the name and logo included on the website and recognized at the conference.

We also have limited funds for scholarships. See our scholarships page for more information and an application form.

Southwest Regional Organizers Conference, Sept 19-21, 2014, Albuquerque NM