At CDSS, our online and in-person program staff use a variety of calling terms, including gendered and non-gendered role terms, as well as positional language. We will be transparent about the terminology used in our programming to help participants find what they are looking for.

Non-gendered approaches to teaching and calling—including positional calling and non-gendered role terms—are established branches of the living traditions we love. Our programming that explores these branches is part of our mission to steward living traditions, and is in line with our core values of stewardship, creativity, innovation, and participation.

We hope our programs and resources will:

  • provide options to dancers for whom gendered or non-gendered language is a barrier to participation
  • create space and resources for individuals and organizations to explore calling options beyond gendered role terms
  • increase the number of non-gendered calling resources available in the wider world

CDSS Affiliates make their own decisions about terminology at their events. An affiliate’s choice of terminology for teaching and calling has no impact on the support and resources we provide to them. We are committed to serving all our affiliates because thriving local dance communities are essential to the living traditions we steward.