• Campers clap hands at English Dance Week 2022. Photo by Jeff Bary. Camp registration open now!

    2023 Camp Registration Open Now!

    Magic is waiting for you at our 2023 summer dance, music, and song camps! Whether you’re a beginning fiddler or a professional bagpiper, a third grader or a grandparent, a brand-new contra dancer or a seasoned morris squire, you are welcome here. Join us for nine weeks of camps at four camp locations across the U.S. this summer. Learn more.

  • A young camper sweeps the dock over a lake 2023 Summer Camp Jobs

    Are you looking for summer employment? Retired and seeking adventure? Between jobs or in a transitional period? Generally looking to spend some quality time surrounded by music, dance, and song?

    If you answered yes to any of the above, then we have several positions open at our dance, music, and song camps that are ideal for you! Positions are 1-6 weeks long and compensation ranges from full scholarship to paid staff, depending on the job and the session. Find out more.

  • From the Mic with Chrissy Fowler From the Mic Episode 10: Chrissy Fowler

    In episode 10 of From the Mic, Mary interviews Chrissy Fowler. Chrissy co-founded a dance series in Belfast, Maine, which has evolved into a thriving participatory arts nonprofit—Belfast Flying Shoes. In her Flying Shoes bio, Chrissy describes herself as an organizer, leader, dancer and cheerleader. She likes to cultivate community by organizing fun stuff, including BFS programs and Puttin’ On the Dance, a conference for Northeast dance organizers.

  • A child sleeping among gold stars January 2023 Song of the Month

    Judy Cook introduces “Bed Is Too Small,” an anonymous American lullaby that she learned in Girl Scout camp.

  • Two pairs of dancers' hands with a rainbow background Winter 2022 CDSS News

    The Winter 2022 CDSS News is now available! Step into Jane Austen’s world with Graham Christian; learn about positional calling from Louise Siddons; listen to gender conversations with Scott Higgs; and get a year-end update from the CDSS Board, Community Resources Manager, and member survey. Plus much more! 

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    If you’re having trouble finding something or if something isn’t working, please fill out this form. We will get in touch to help as soon as we can.

  • Children dance around a man in the street December 2022 Song of the Month

    Matthew Byrne introduces “Jack Ashton,” the tale of a storyteller who brought a little escapism to poor children in a postwar factory town.

  • From the Mic with Sue Rosen From the Mic Episode 9: Sue Rosen

    In episode 9 of From the Mic, Mary interviews Sue Rosen. A leading caller of contras, squares, English country dance and family dance programs, Sue has been actively calling for 30 years in the Boston area, across the country, and overseas. She has built a collection of great dances and has written contras that have become part of the standard repertoire of dance callers across the contradance world. 

  • Heather plant in bloom November 2022 Song of the Month

    “Wild Mountain Thyme,” also known as “Purple Heather” and “Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?”, is one of the rare romantic folk songs. Jennifer Armstrong tells us the history of the song, as well as the story of her parents’ unique lyrical variations.

  • From the Mic with Chris Ricciotti From the Mic Episode 8: Chris Ricciotti

    In episode 8 of From the Mic, Mary talks with Chris Ricciotti, a pioneer in gender-free contra dancing. Chris says, “There’s no greater love than bringing new people into a dance and having them smile and say, I love this, I want to come back. That gives me the biggest thrill and the biggest feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction and joy.”

  • Dancers taking hands across a line Check out the last Web Chat: Building Cultural Equity in Communities

    The slideshow, video, transcript, and resources from our October 2022 Web Chat are now available. We heard from organizers who have used CDSS grants to provide diversity, equity, and inclusion training for their groups. Email us with questions.

  • Handwritten score for "I've Lived in Service" October 2022 Song of the Month

    Margaret Walters sends us her rendition of “I’ve Lived in Service,” as well as a version by Vic Gammon. The song was collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams, and it tells the tale of a young servant who strikes a hard bargain with his employer over the maid he loves.