Download the Dance It Yourself Teacher’s Guide 
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Dance It Yourself, the CDSS multigenerational dance video series, is our response to dancing at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Are you a teacher or a homeschool parent, looking for resources to share with your students? Would you like them to be able to dance and sing at home, under your supervision? Would you like someone else to do all the teaching and explaining of the dances for you? You’ve come to the right place!

We hope that this seven-video series will help you and your students to share the love of traditional dance and music, even through the Zoom screen!

The Dance It Yourself series features well-known traditional dance callers, musicians, and a wide variety of dance styles, all of which can be done solo or in a couple.

Dances are demonstrated for you and your students dancing both singly and in pairs. All dances are done in small spaces, showing you how it can be done in your own homes.

Dance along with us—and dance it yourself!

What Music Teachers Are Saying

  • “The CDSS Dance It Yourself video series is fabulous! I’ll be using it to teach on-line Kodály training courses this summer. The classroom applications for post-COVID are immeasurable. Please keep making more!”

  • “During this difficult time of COVID, it is so inspiring to see CDSS continuing their mission. So happy to be a member of CDSS and seeing a collaborative effort of musicians, callers, and dancers working together to offer these amazing opportunities. The joy I felt from watching the father and son dancing together warmed my heart. With the ongoing work of CDSS, I remain hopeful that dancing will happen soon.”

  • “Thank you for your work on this! The absence of folk dance in my classroom is as bad as the absence of singing. This will help so much!”

  • “Thank you (Robbin L Marcus!) I find sharing a dance video where someone else teaches is the perfect breather I need to get through my online classes. Also evens the playing field when I have virtual and in-person students together.”

  • “Thank you SO much!!! What a gift to our profession.”

  • “How wonderful! This will definitely fill a need. It inspires me to do some of my own virtual folk dance videos, too!”

  • “I’m watching the videos and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!”