Funding for community events, projects, and publications featuring participatory dance, music, or song

CDSS grants help

  • create new music, dance, and song events (including series, weekends, and week-long programs)
  • boost existing series or events
  • train callers, musicians, singers, and organizers (including equity and anti-racism training)
  • encourage youth involvement
  • publish instruction materials (print, web, audio, video)
  • conduct and disseminate research on traditional dance, music, and song
  • attend non-CDSS programs for training purposes
  • create related endeavors that will have a lasting effect on dance, music, and song communities

Eligible applicants

  • Individuals and organizations promoting traditional dance, music, and/or song with English and North American roots
  • All are welcome to apply. Preference is given to applicants who have not previously received funding and to CDSS Members and Affiliates.

Funding requests

  • Up to $500 (occasional larger grants for projects with a broad impact)
  • For program-related expenses (callers, musicians, workshop leaders, etc.) rather than operational expenses (publicity, supplies, etc.)

For questions about the suitability of your application, contact

When to apply

  • For events: 1-2 months before starting your publicity
  • For other projects: 1-2 months before funding is needed
  • Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Requirements for recipients

Click here to find out about requirements for grant recipients, including logo usage.

Apply Now

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Recent Recipients

CDSS grants are funded by our incredible community of donors.