• CDSS T-shirt design, showing a person playing recorder surrounded by musical instruments 2022 CDSS T-shirt

    We’re excited to show off our 2022 shirt design! Created by illustrator Marian Bailey, the design is printed on high-quality, 100% cotton, Bella + Canvas shirts, made in the US. Also printed in the US using environmentally-friendly practices and vibrant water-based inks. Get one while they last!

  • Working on digitizing old documents Digitization of the CDSS archives has begun!

    During our 2015 Centennial Campaign, the CDSS community raised $50,000 to fund digitization efforts for the CDSS collection at the University of New Hampshire. In June of this year, after two and a half years of putting so much on hold for pandemic-related business, CDSS and UNH were able to return attention to the work of making the CDSS archives digitally accessible, and the project is now underway! Read more in the CDSS News.

  • From the Mic with Chris Page From the Mic Episode 7: Chris Page

    In episode 7 of From the Mic, Mary talks with caller and choreographer Chris Page, who has called contras and English country dance in San Diego for about 15 years.

  • Irish construction workers in London after World War II September 2022 Song of the Month

    Ed Miller introduces “London Town,” written by the world-renowned fiddler Kevin Burke. The song is a tribute to the many Irish laborers who helped rebuild London after World War II.

  • A town in the Old West with a sign reading 'Yuba Dam' August 2022 Song of the Month

    Bob Bovee introduces “Yuba Dam,” an old-time song with a humorous tale of verbal misunderstandings. 

  • English soldiers in battle July 2022 Song of the Month

    Kim Wallach introduces “Bibble A La Do.” Also known as “Buttermilk Hill” and “Shule Aroon,” “Shule a Ghra,” “Siúil a Rún,” and by many other names, the song laments a lad gone for a soldier—sometimes one for whom the singer has sold everything to supply with the tools of war, only for them to die anyway.

  • A barefoot person reads the CDSS News in a hammock Summer 2022 CDSS News

    The Summer 2022 CDSS News is now available! Take a deep dive into the Irish Howle with Graham Christian; remember Lifetime Contribution Award recipient George Fogg; dance via Zoom at a Ball-That-Would-Have-Been; find out how the recorder can shine as a musical star; hear an oral history of old-time and modern Western dance from Bill Alkire; and much more.

  • A cabin boy stands on deck holding a mop June 2022 Song of the Month

    Joel Mabus introduces “The Golden Willow Tree,” in which a duplicitous sea captain strikes a bargain with a cabin boy to take down a pirate ship.

  • Soldiers and horses drowning in the Kabul River May 2022 Song of the Month

    George Stephens introduces “Ford o’ Kabul River,” a poem by Rudyard Kipling set to a tune by Peter Bellamy. The song tells the story of a regiment of British Hussars who drowned while attempting to cross the river and occupy Kabul during the Second Anglo-Afghan War in 1879.

  • 19th-century engraving of dancers at a quadrille Country Dance + Song Online Volume 3

    With the 2022 issue of Country Dance + Song Online, we are excited to present three articles on very different topics, two of them by contributors new to the journal. We will time-travel to three centuries of Anglo-American dance—all different, but all evolutionarily connected. Read more and download the issue.

  • Women wait outside an Irish sod cottage April 2022 Song of the Month

    Ian Robb introduces “Bold Riley,” a sailor’s farewell that has become a favorite memorial song.

  • The CDSS News with chocolate Easter eggs Spring 2022 CDSS News

    The Spring 2022 CDSS News is now available! Learn about the Johnny Appleseed of morris dance; try a two-couple ECD or a happy march; read an interview with the late, great Tony Barrand; and much more.