Gigs from Heaven

This article by Carol Ormond gives excellent tips on how organizers can create a great gig experience for a caller. Much of the advice applies to other hired staff as well.

From the CDSS News

Contra Dance Callers Survey

An extensive survey of approximately 400 contra dance callers throughout North America and beyond. Interesting and useful information for organizers and callers alike

From CDSS, 2013

Dancing in (Children/Young Adult) Literature: A Partial Bibliography

Looking for a children’s book related to traditional dance and music? This bibliography focuses on children’s & young adult books that connect to traditional, participatory, social dance & music. Belfast Flying Shoes funded the compilation with additional support from the Maine Arts Commission.

From Chrissy Fowler

Attracting Younger Dancers: Creating and maintaining a multigenerational dance

How can we find youth, incorporate them, and keep them? Getting younger people to attend dances (and keep coming back) seems to be the holy grail. Notes from this 2014 session cover two major areas: promoting youth participation (dancers, callers, musicians, board members etc.), and how to have a successful multi-generation dance. Includes practical ideas and tips from people who have successfully achieved this, and we will discuss things that have been tried but did not work.

From Karina Wilson & Laura Gorrin at the 2014 Southwest Regional Organizers Conference