American Folk Dancing with Evo Bluestein

This is a 10 minute video snapshot of an American Folk Dance Residency by Evo Bluestein. With a large repertoire of traditional dances and songs as his tools, Evo introduces a fun social and cultural experience and at the same time, teaches courtesy and important social rules of behavior. Evo introduces students to fiddle, accordion, Appalachian dulcimer and many other instruments. It is no small feat that he can demonstrate the steps, call the dance and play old time fiddle at the same time. The week, culminates in a rousing Friday night “barn dance.” 

Square Dancing with 3rd Graders

This is a 17-minute documentary (2013) about a project in Berkeley that involves musician and caller Erik Hoffman. The work builds on folk dance instruction by 3rd grade teacher Susan Graubard Archuletta. Mention is made of the 4 C’s: courtesy, cooperation, concentration, and community. You’ll see shots of Zodiac, Texas Star, the Virginia Reel, and even a bit of Sellinger’s Round. Nicely edited mix of the adults talking to the camera along with plenty of shots of a very diverse group of kids dancing and having lots of fun.

From Crabtron

Dance for College Credit!

Hilton Baxter describes his experience leading a college dance course including getting it approved, the goals of the course, and much more.

From the CDSS News

Dancing In Schools

Wondering how to bring the next generation to dance and song? Read these collected reprints from the CDSS News recounting readers’ experiences, success stories and practical advice for teaching traditional country and ritual dance in school settings.

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