By Brendan Taaffe
Introduced by Lorraine Hammond

We kick off our Year of Song with “May It Fill Your Soul,” a new composition from singer and instrumentalist Brendan Taaffe of Vermont.

"May It Fill Your Soul" sheet music
Download a PDF of the sheet music for “May It Fill Your Soul.”

Composer notes for “May It Fill Your Soul:”

This song was won in the silent raffle at Harmony of Song and Dance 2014. In writing it, I wanted to create a song that reflected some aspects of the different traditions that bring the CDSS community together. Each part of the song on its own is relatively simple but together they create (hopefully) an intricate and interesting tapestry.

Please treat the score as a map to the territory rather than a strict guide. I can easily imagine other lines and improvisations that would fit on top of these four parts and, most obviously, the sopranos could change the words of their line as the song goes on.

Some suggestions: “And our love goes on and on… our hope/ this song/ etc.”

As a final note, I suspect the song will tune better in Bb minor, but seemed like an unkind key for most music readers.

— B.T.