My wife Lynne Stauff and I are planners and savers. Since we don’t have children and are in our early to mid 50s, we wanted to plan where our money would go when we are no longer here. Contra dancing was one of the first things Lynne took me to when I met her and I became addicted shortly thereafter.  So when our financial advisor asked us to create a trust and pick some beneficiaries, it was a no-brainer to include the contra dance community.

Since becoming a contra dancer ten years ago, I have found a community that gives me joy and connections where ever I go. Having contra danced from Massachusetts to New Mexico, Minneapolis to Huntsville and at my own wedding, I have a group of friends that are like family and I cherish them all. CDSS provides support to all of these communities and I want to pass that on when I leave this world. Just remember to call “Hands Four!” and if I don’t respond, part of my estate goes to CDSS.