Adding CDSS to our estate plans this year was a natural step in setting up our legacy, because we trust CDSS to carry forward the things that matter most to us far into the future.

When we began dancing in our home communities in Massachusetts, we were focused on our own challenges of becoming competent dancers and thoroughly appreciated the patience and skill of our local leaders. Thanks to Helene Cornelius in the ‘70s and Robin Hayden in the 2000s! We focused on our local groups and were not very aware of CDSS.

Over time, we traveled and danced more widely and in 2013 moved to the Carolinas and began leading ECD groups there. Then we better appreciated what CDSS offers to groups and dancers nationally: both resources and chances to connect! We also realized how important CDSS and CDSS Camps were to sustaining and reinvigorating our beloved local leaders.

Dancing has infinitely enriched our lives. John returned from a decades-long dance hiatus in the ‘90s and was relieved to find that the dance was still there. We met dancing! Sylvie, John’s daughter, found great joy and comfort as a teen in the dance community. She is in her 30s and now on her own dance hiatus. By giving to this vital organization we hope the dance will be there for her when she chooses to return!

We encourage you to include CDSS in your financial planning. It takes only a few clicks to make CDSS a beneficiary on a brokerage account or life insurance policy!