In writing our will, it was clear that supporting CDSS was important to both of us. Watching the response of the Country Dance & Song Society to the COVID-19 crisis on our continent confirms all that we admire about our national organization.

Musicians play to calm our souls and camp weeks hold virtual gatherings that unite friends and families with joy and good cheer. CDSS web talks convey vital information concerning critical decisions by our local organizations about reopenings. CDSS also created a venue to support musicians and callers who depend upon events for their livelihood. This year’s virtual camp weeks provided an opportunity to enjoy sensitive and uplifting songs, stories, fun, and games. Viewing these moments helped us through yet another week or two of no dancing, no socializing, and no meals with family and friends.

We met at a folk dancing event and years later discovered contra and English dancing. When Tanya and Ben, then ages 13 and 12, asked to join us, they were welcomed by our community. What a pleasure it has been to continue this family tradition and attend CDSS family camps with them, their spouses, and our grandchildren. May our contributions help future families dance and sing together at camp.

Sandy was on the board of CDSS for 12 years, during the first years that the Executive Committee began traveling to our communities for meetings. It was amazing to meet so many talented and dedicated organizers around the country and to observe and participate with CDSS’s diverse affiliates. Our organization and activities bring joy to many, and we wish to support this endeavor for years to come.