We met either dancing or playing music—neither of us can remember, as we were both “otherwise engaged”—but those two threads drew us ever closer, and continue to knit our lives together. Our courtship continued after Doug moved a few hours away—he would drive down to the Friday contradance and whisk me onto the floor.

The strands in those threads multiplied—waltz, contra, English, square; early music and recorder, old-time music with banjos and guitars, and oh so many songs (Pat is sure that when she is on her deathbed Doug will sing for her yet another song that she’s never heard him sing before).

Dancing in open-air pavilions, singing in harmony with friends, playing in impromptu jams, listening to great tunes as we travel to dance weeks, even going online for dance materials and teaching tips, all have been enhanced or made possible by CDSS. As music, song, and dance continue to fill and enrich our lives, it makes perfect sense for us to share our passion with those who come after us. Leaving a legacy to CDSS is the obvious way to do that.