Can Songs Kill? The Leo Frank Trial and the Ballad of Little Mary Phagan

The Meaning of the Cherry Tree Carol Folksong: Old Christmas, Sacred Trees and Fertility Goddesses

Easy Folk Songs to Sing: The Cherry Tree Carol

Can I Sing That? Catawba Indian Nation Songs, Context and Colonization:

Learn to Sing Two Catawba Language Songs:

Learn to Sing “I Am Going to the West:”

CDSS is pleased to support “Songs that Speak,” a monthly YouTube series by Saro Lynch-Thomason. Learn about the history, folklore, and modern-day relevance of traditional songs, and sing along as Saro teaches each song through sing-and-repeat.

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Past Songs

Mother Shipton: Your Favorite Witch You’ve Never Heard Of!

Learn to Sing “Mother Shipton:”

True Crime Ballads: Frankie Silver’s Confession

Learn to Sing “Frankie Silver’s Confession:”

Rad Music Moment: “Which Side Are You On?” Folksong

Learn to sing “Which Side Are You On?”:

Hollering: An Ancient Musical Tradition!

Learn to holler:

Learn Sea Songs: History, Origins and Resources on Shanty Music:

Learn to sing “Roll the Old Chariot Along:”

Supplication: A Shaker Song by Cecilia DeVere, Who Predicted Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination:

Learn to sing “Supplication in a Nation’s Calamity:”