Do you envision a future where the traditions you love flourish and endure? Join others who have promised to help dance, music, and song communities thrive across North America!

Join the Legacy of Joy Society

It’s simple to join the Legacy of Joy Society:

  • Include CDSS in your estate plans.
  • Notify CDSS that you’ve done so and express your willingness to share your story.

Becoming a member of the Legacy of Joy Society is a great way to make your core values known to others while ensuring the sustainability of our organization. Generations to come will benefit from your gift, and your lasting support of our mission will serve as an inspiration to others.

Learn More About Planned Giving

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Quick info about CDSS for your will or beneficiary forms:

Legal Name: Country Dance and Song Society, Inc
Address: 116 Pleasant St., Suite 334, Easthampton, MA 01067
501(c)(3) Tax ID: 04-3031125

Meet Our Society Members

  • Jane Srivastava Jane Srivastava

    My friends at CDSS asked me why I had chosen to participate in the Legacy of Joy Society by naming CDSS in my will. Well, just that. To leave a legacy of joy. The amount designated in my will is not nearly commensurate with the joy I receive from music, song, dance, and the personal connections with many friends in the CDSS community and beyond, but I hope it will help to ensure that CDSS initiatives to support and sustain these traditional activities, and the inclusive, caring communities they build, well into the future.  And, perhaps, also, as one last motherly reminder to my children: don’t forget to do whatever you can to ensure that those things that have given you joy in your lifetime will endure for generations to come.

  • Mary Devlin Mary Devlin

    I can’t imagine what my life would be if it weren’t for the Country Dance and Song Society. I used to be a very shy person. Then I discovered I could perform clogging routines in front of people, which led to contra dance, English dance, and then with support from CDSS, I was able to get on stage in front of a room full of people to teach and share my love of dance! This has helped me in all areas of my life—I am comfortable being gregarious and have left that shyness behind. And I now have many friends from all over North America and Europe, a treasure I would never have thought possible.

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  • Pam Paulson Pam Paulson

    When I first heard about planned giving it sounded like such a great idea! A way that people who loved our traditions of dance, music and song could give a final gift to help insure that CDSS would continue to thrive.

    At first I couldn’t see how I could participate in the planned giving program. I’m probably not going to need a trust or complicated estate plan as I move into the final decades of my life. What I do have are retirement accounts and those have named beneficiaries. I’ve recently changed those beneficiaries to be CDSS! This was a very easy thing to do and an easy decision to make. This isn’t a set amount that CDSS will receive, I’m planning for it to be many decades before the gift is given and I’m really happy that I could take this step into planned giving.

    Could you join me and take a step today?

  • Beverly Francis & David Chandler Beverly Francis & David Chandler

    We’ve been dancing for a combined total of about 88 years. We met at a weekly dance in New York City, and five years later morris and country dance were key elements in our wedding. We’ve gone to (at least one) CDSS week at camp every year since 1973, including English, American, English and American, Family, Campers, Buffalo Gap, and Early Music. Beverly is a leading caller and David has been involved in board work (CDSS, CDNY, PCI) for many years. Clearly dancing has been a dear part of our lives for decades.

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  • Gaye Fifer Gaye Fifer

    It was definitely time for me to write my will, although I hope not to use it for a good many years. In thinking about what has been a big part of my life, it seems appropriate to designate CDSS as a major beneficiary of my assets. My first husband introduced me to contra dancing over 40 years ago, and I’ve never looked back. After 15 years of dancing, I realized that someone has to do work to keep the dances going. What a revelation! As a result, I learned and grew in taking leadership roles to sustain and nurture my community (local and beyond). This has led me to so many enriching experiences and helped me be the person I am today.

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  • Dave Errickson & Lynne Stauff Dave Errickson & Lynne Stauff

    My wife Lynne Stauff and I are planners and savers. Since we don’t have children and are in our early to mid 50s, we wanted to plan where our money would go when we are no longer here. Contra dancing was one of the first things Lynne took me to when I met her and I became addicted shortly thereafter.  So when our financial advisor asked us to create a trust and pick some beneficiaries, it was a no-brainer to include the contra dance community.

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